Industry Uses

Dry Ice Blasting is ideal for the following industries…


RidMed removes excess grease, sludge, sealant and weld slag during preventative maintenance by using Cold Jet technology. Dry ice blasting is faster and more cost-efficient than traditional cleaning methods. It does not generate any secondary waste or leave any residual blasting media to clean up or dispose of.

agriculture dry ice blastingAgriculture

Finding a cleaning option that is EPA, FDA and USDA accepted is important. Finding a solution can also reduce your down time and allow you to be up and running faster is priceless. Let RidMed clean up and get your operation up and running in record time.


dry ice blasting fire and smoke damageFire Restoration

Dry ice blasting has become the preferred method to remove smoke soot, vaporized synthetic resins and char. It has even been known to reduce or eliminate the musty burnt smell that results from fire, smoke and water damage. RidMed provides a fast and efficient removal of smoke damage even in the tight angles of trusses, around nails, wiring and all plumbing without damage to the surface integrity.


dry ice blasting food processingFood Processing

Food processing and packaging equipment gets extremely dirty with grease, wax, proteins, seasonings, crumbs, glue and other products causing a gooey build-up. After a while, the build-up prevents equipment from operating at peak efficiency not to mention sanitary concerns. Dry Ice Blasting offers an FDA approved green option of cleaning while saving time during the cleaning process.


foundry cleaning dry ice blastingFoundry

Cleaning core box vents, permanent aluminum molds, die casting machines, and semi-solid castings is an important part of the foundry industry. RidMed uses cutting edge technology to clean tight spaces that are not easily cleaned by conventional means. There is very little clean up with dry ice, since the ice vaporizes the moment it hits the product.


slurry blasting to clean graffitiMunicipal

Environmentally safe, slurry blasting is suited for a variety of situations. Whether you are plagued with unsightly graffiti or restoring a building and charged with cleaning all the built-up dirt and grime, RidMed can offer a cost effective cleaning option.


dry ice blasting for oil and gas industryOil & Gas

Down-time can be costly in the gas and oil industry. For optimal production and performance, maintenance and cleaning should be performed annually. For paraffin and crude residues on platforms and storage tanks to removal of drilling mud and cement from drilling pipes and surface preparation for repainting, RidMed offers dry ice blast cleaning and can provide solutions that will make planned down times more efficient.


medical equipment cleaning dry ice blastingPharmaceutical

Approved by the USDA, FDA and EPA, dry ice blasting is a cost effective option for cleaning the machinery and instruments used in the pharmaceutical industry. Dry ice blasting allows for a better cleaning with no chemicals. Due to how the process works, the cleaning time is reduced there is no waste remove or concerns about cross contamination.


railroad dry ice blasting cleaningRailroad

From routine maintenance to unexpected cleaning needs, the railroad industry requires innovative industrial cleaning solutions to clean equipment, rail cars, tanks, and vessels.  Dry Ice blasting can be conducted without disassembling or cool down and is non-abrasive, non-corrosive, non-conductive, and does not use water. RidMed offers the perfect cleaning method for trains, train parts, tracks and other equipment.


printing press cleaningPrinting Press

Every machine requires maintenance, and the printing press is no different. It is imperative to perform regular cleaning on a printing press. Conventional methods are time consuming which can not only require man hours but down time.  A dirty printing press means no printing, which means no income. RidMed can thoroughly clean your press getting into areas previous methods could not reach. Dry ice blasting cleans quickly and efficiently, getting your operation running with a clean press in minimal time.


power generation dry ice blastingPower Generation

Modern power demands are higher than ever before, placing demand on power companies to perform at full capacity to fulfill the needs of homes and businesses. Equipment must perform to high standards to stay cost effective. Clean electrical equipment is a must. In the past cleaning meant long downtimes and a lengthy cleaning process that was very expensive. RidMed uses dry ice blasting to cut down time needed for cleaning.


rubber and plastics industry cleaningRubber & Plastics

Manufacturing molds that are filled with debris built up over time do not turn out a quality product. Rubber and plastic part manufacturers turn out a good product by scheduling regular maintenance which includes a thorough cleaning. With dry ice blasting, RidMed can clean unwanted surface residues allowing for a pristine product free of defects.


weld line cleaningWeld Line Cleaning

The weld line industry deals with grease, smoke, oil, resin, and adhesive build up on production equipment causing delays and downtime on an already tight schedule. Keeping these machines maintained and clean allows for a smooth running line with fewer welding issues. Due to the nature of dry ice blasting, the process is effective and economical and requires minimal downtime.


dry ice blasting wine barrelsWineries

RidMed offers dry ice blasting of wine barrels. This method is particularly effective for wineries as it is an EPA, USDA and FDA approved process. Sublimates dissipate on impact, leaving absolutely no chemical residue, which prevents off-tasting wine. We remove the tartrate crystals, old wine residue and approximately fifty thousandths of an inch of old wood, leaving the barrel’s original toast intact. Dry ice blasting wine barrels removes only what should be cleaned, maintains purity, and opens up the wood’s grain.